Stay Home if Unwell

  • Do not come to our location if you have recently travelled, are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms or if you have come into contact with someone who is ill. 


Ordering Product for Pickup

  • Our physical location is open for pick up orders (curb-side / drive-thru service).

  • Our display yard is open (with a maximum capacity of 15 individuals at one time). We encourage you to refer to our website to access electronic brochures to browse products:

  • The bag-your-own area will remain closed to all customers. If you wish to purchase bags of material all products are available pre-bagged.

  • All orders must be placed by email or phone.  Our office and trailers are closed to foot traffic in order to protect you and our team members. Paperwork is provided by electronic means only. Please request an electronic copy when placing an order.

  • A yard associate will be positioned at the entrance to the yard to direct the flow of traffic and ensure all safety policies and procedures are being followed.

  • We recommend that you place orders ahead of time.  We ask for a minimum of 1 hour notice for all pick up orders.  This allows the sales department time to process the order and electronically send it to the yard department.  The yard department may be able to prepare the order which will reduce the amount of time you or your worker is on site.

  • Always be prepared to provide the license plate number and/or model and make of the vehicle that is to complete the pick up.

  • All customers on site are to follow physical distancing guidelines, and maintain a safe distance of 3 metres (approximately 10 feet) from any other individuals.

  • Stay in your vehicle at all times while being loaded, unless instructed to do otherwise by a yard associate. If you are asked to exit your vehicle, stand near the front at the hood.

  • To speed the process up, we encourage you to visit our website and learn more about our products.  This will help you make the best informed decision!  


Ordering Product for Delivery

  • Paperwork is provided by electronic means only.  Please request your electronic copy when placing your order. 

  • All deliveries are guaranteed to be curb-side placement.  If further placement instruction is given when placing the order, the truck driver will do their best; however, it is always up to the truck driver’s discretion.  The truck driver will not ring the doorbell or knock on the door.

  • All deliveries are contact-free.  We ask all individuals at a delivery site (i.e. homeowners, contractors, etc.) to remain inside the home or in the backyard while the truck driver completes the delivery.  If communication with a truck driver is required, it must be completed by phone only.  

  • Truck drivers have been trained to maintain a minimum physical distance of 3 metres (approx 10 feet) from all other individuals and to return to their truck should an individual approach.



  • Payments are accepted over the phone by credit card only.  We cannot accept cash or debit payments at this time in order to limit the need for physical contact.

  • We encourage any customers who do not own a credit card to use prepaid credit cards (typically available at gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.).  


Returns of Product

  • For the safety of all, we have temporarily suspended all product returns (also including refundable skid returns).  We will extend the return period once the COVID-19 situation is normalized.  

  • Once normalized, return of products can be returned within 90 days with proof of purchase.  Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Some exceptions may apply.   


While we are open, this is not business as usual.  Our safety measures will continue to evolve. Please check our website for operation updates and for when we are able to resume regular business operations.  Continue to connect with us via email, phone and social media outlets. It is important at this time that we collectively continue to follow all safety measures.  On behalf of everyone at Arnts The Landscape Supplier Inc. we thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this time.  


We understand that fighting COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. 

We intend to do our part. 


 Last Updated April 26, 2020

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