Add a natural element to your landscaping. Natural stone steps look excellent when mixed with both interlocking or flagstone.

Steps come in various lengths, most being 3 to 8 feet long. They are usually 5 to 7 inches in height and 16 to 18 inches in depth. Steps come in a variety of finishes, such as natural, flamed, or bush hammered. Sold per piece.

armour stone backyard

Armour Stone

Armour stone can be used to create large retaining walls on hills or in the construction of raised garden beds. They also make striking accent pieces, and can be easily incorporated into interlocking walls.

Armour stone sizes can vary, but they are usually 4 to 10 cubic feet, with varying dimensions. Random Garden Steps are pieces of armour stone which have a thickness, or rise, of 6- 8”. One cubic foot of stone weighs approximately 175 lbs. Sold by the pound.



Coping can be used in conjunction with both concrete or natural stone. It is excellent around pools or as treads on steps.

Each piece of coping is typically 4 ft long, however other lengths are sometimes available. Coping is typically 2 to 3 inches thick. It is available in different finishes, such as flamed, bushhammered, antiqued or natural. Sold per linear foot.

square cut

Square Cut Flagstone

Square cut flagstone is an excellent alternative to concrete pavers. Its uniform sizes can be used to create many different modular patterns with minimal effort. There are many different colours and textures available, from a highly polished look to something more rustic and natural.

Pieces come in standard sizes including: 12×12, 18×18, 12×24, 24×30. Available in various standardized thicknesses. Natural, Flamed, Acid Wash or Bush-hammered finished. Priced per square foot.


Random Flagstone

Flagstone is used as an alternative to concrete interlocking. Because it is extremely durable, less thickness is required. Many of our varieties of flagstone are comparable in price to mid-range interlock. Consider using random flagstone in your walkway or patios to achieve a softer, more natural look in your next landscaping project.

The coverage of flagstone can be affected by: consistency of flagstone thickness, density of flagstone, width of gaps left between pieces laid. Sold by the pound.


Drywall & Building Stone

Drywall is used to build dry stack or mortared walls as an alternative to concrete wall systems. Building stone can be used as curbs along driveways or to border small gardens. It is also typically used as a veneer for concrete walls.

Drywall is 8” deep. 2000 lbs of drywall covers approximately 20 Square Face Feet. Building stone is 4” deep. 2000 lbs of building stone covers approximately 40 Square Face Feet. Sold per pound.

pier cap


Natural Stone pier caps can be used to finish columns, including those done in dimensional concrete wall. BBQ Slabs are larger than pier caps and add gorgeous counter space to a built in barbecue.

Each piece is approximately 2” to 2 and 3/4” thick. They are available in various finishes, such as natural, flamed or antiqued. Most pieces have rock faced or bullnosed edges. Sold per piece.



Cobbles are an excellent choice for recreating the look of old European cobblestone streets. They can also be used to border gardens.

Most cobblestones have a slightly irregular surface, which requires wider joints when using to make a patio or pathway. Sold by piece.

decorative stone


There are as many uses for decorative rocks as there are styles of landscaping! They can be used as accents in gardens, to border garden beds, to build waterfalls or as part of retaining walls.

Each type of rock will vary in size and shape. Sold per pound.

Texture Terms:

As the name suggests this kind of texture comes with natural clefts which imparts a very natural look. To achieve natural surface texture the stone is ripped along its line of cleavage to reveal the natural grain & texture. This texture gives an undulating surface with great character.

Flamed: Flamed texture provides a rough surface to the stone. The roughness in the surface is brought by bursting of crystals when the stone is heated. Such a surface gives an irregular textured finish.

Bush Hammered:
The top surface is pneumatically tooled to produce a pitted or grooved surface finish. It uses a pounding action that develops a textured surface.

A machine is used to apply a high pressure “blast” of sand to the stone etching its surface. The texture is very similar to that of a concrete sidewalk. Sandblasted stone can be use anywhere. It is highly slip resistant and very durable making it ideal in wet areas such as pool decks, steps and common areas.

An acid-washed finish that is shiny with small etching marks (pits in the surface). This finish shows fewer scratches and is much more rustic in appearance than a honed finish. Antiquing is also a way to soften the shine on granite.

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