Paperless Procedure 

  • We will temporarily suspend signatures being required for supply pickups and deliveries.  This eliminates the need for close contact and pens to be shared.

  • Requests have/will be made from our purchasing department for all paperwork to be sent electronically via email.  


Physical Distancing 

  • Truck drivers will not enter buildings or sign paperwork at supplier sites.

  • We ask that all operators and truck drivers at supplier sites and our location to practice physical distancing and remain a minimum distance of 2 metres from our truck drivers.   


While we are open, this is not business as usual.  Our safety measures will continue to evolve. Please check our website for operation updates and for when we are able to resume regular business operations.  Continue to connect with us via email, phone and social media outlets. It is important at this time that we collectively continue to follow all safety measures.  On behalf of everyone at Arnts The Landscape Supplier Inc. we thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this time.  


We understand that fighting COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. 


We intend to do our part. 


Last Updated April 14, 2020

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