Physical Distancing

  • Team members have been transitioned to work from home, whose work permits.

  • Our on-site workforce has been temporarily reduced.  New technological equipment has been purchased and dispensed allowing the majority of our sales departments to operate remotely.

  • All common areas have been closed. 

  • Internal face to face meetings and off-site business meetings have been suspended and replaced with teleconferencing or email correspondence.  Where face to face meetings are required, they are to be held outside and limited at a maximum of 10 persons with all team members adhering to the minimum 2 metres physical distancing rules.

  • Strict adherence to physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres.  It is strongly encouraged that team members use 3 metres.

  • We ask team members to commit to social and physical distancing measures both during work hours and outside of work hours.  Refer to the instructions given by the Government of Canada: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Prevention and risks 

  • If an individual approaches you, outreach your hand (as if to say “STOP”) to allow for spacing. Back up if the customer continues to approach and say, “I am happy to help you; however, we need to be a minimum of 2 metres in distance.” Speak with your manager if you would like to obtain a tape measure to physically show customers/team members what the distance visually looks like.



  • Temporary health and safety boards have been installed outside (at the dispatch trailer and yard trailer).  Updates are posted routinely throughout each week.

  • The Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) holds COVID-19 meetings every week by teleconferencing.

  •  Team members are asked to email with any concerns or suggestions or email/phone committee members directly.  JHSC member contact information is posted on all health and safety boards.

  • World Health Organization’s proper hand washing and glove doffing posters have been posted on the health and safety boards and at hand washing locations.

  • Electronic inspections have been implemented.  Team members utilize personal devices to access (reducing contact).


Maintenance of Health and Safety  

  • Rigorous cleaning schedules and training has been completed within all departments.  Additional cleaning measures to sanitize office space, equipment and trucks, etc. have been initiated and additional supplies have been ordered. 

  • All common areas have been temporarily closed in an effort to reduce contact.  This includes all kitchen areas (fridge, microwave, keurig, etc.). Team members are asked to make coffee at home and use a thermos.  Team members can contact management should they want some keurig pods.  

  • It is encouraged that team members make healthy lunches that do not require heating and must be safely stored (if cooling necessary).  Some examples include:

    • Grilled chicken or vegetable wrap

    • Variety of salads with vegetables

    • Hard boiled eggs

    • Pasta salad

    • Tuna, chicken salad, or egg salad sandwiches

    • Veggies and dip with pita bread and hummus 

  • Lunches are to be safely stored and eaten at personal workstations (adhering to physical distancing rules), in personal vehicles, or outside should the weather be compliant (adhering to physical distancing rules).  Team members must wash their hands prior to consuming lunch and /or snacks.

  • The sharing of equipment and trucks have been minimized to avoid cross contamination. In the event a piece of equipment or truck must be used by another operator, it must be thoroughly disinfected prior to use.

  • Equipment operators and drivers have been trained to remain in their equipment and/or vehicle should an individual approach. 

  • Continued utilization of the gate system to control the flow of traffic.

  • The paperwork in the office (pink copies, yellow copies, etc.) will be placed in bankers boxes with the specific date. It will be placed in a safe area for 72 hours prior to another department handling it.

  • In the event that using pens are required, disinfect your pen at the beginning of the day. Do not share pens. 

  • Team members are asked to contact management if they require additional water bottles that are refillable.

  • Team members are to disinfect both their personal and work phone. It is encouraged that both are disinfected routinely throughout the day and when at home (personal phone).


Reduce Exposure to the Virus and Protect Your Health Recommendations

  • Drink plenty of fluids (team members are to contact management if they would like an additional water bottle)

  • Wash hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer 

  • Get rest and sleep as much as possible

  • Make smart decisions outside of work as you would at work

  • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve

  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose or mouth)

  • Avoid contact with people who are sick 


Stay Home if You are Sick

  • Staying at home because you are sick does not automatically mean you have the COVID-19 virus; however, it does mean that you are helping prevent illness from spreading to other individuals within the workplace.  

  • Alert your manager as soon as possible if you are going to be absent from a scheduled shift.


We are proud of our team members who have continued to remain focused and committed to providing customers our service in the safest way possible.  Team members are asked to share these measures with their families. We want those closest to us to be aware and comfortable with the preventative measures we have and are continually implementing.   


Team members are asked to contact the Human Resources department immediately with any health and safety concerns or suggestions.  Team members are asked to contact the Health and Safety Manager for any health and safety supply needs.


While we are open, this is not business as usual.  Our safety measures will continue to evolve. It is important at this time that we collectively continue to follow all safety measures.  


We understand that fighting COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. 

We intend to do our part. 

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